NBA Live 18 has added WNBA teams!

Today, EA Sports has announced that the WNBA will be in NBA Live 18. This is great news to be able to play with the women basketball players. Last time that any female basketball players were any NBA game, it was NBA Street HomeStreet. This gives NBA Live a step against NBA 2K. Here’s the trailer:


Madden NFL 18: Gameplay Trailer Breakdown

Finally! EA Sports released some gameplay footage for Madden NFL 18. The one-minute trailer shows some gameplay improvements such as the all-new Target Passing, coaching adjustments and different play styles.

Also, on the EA Sports website, there are articles discussing these new gameplay mechanics. I will briefly discuss them and give my opinion on them.

Target Passing


This new passing mechanic allows the user to control the destination of the throw to the receiver by leading the receiver or throwing the ball between defenders. I like this idea but I want to see how if works because the description shows difficult to attempt in competitive gameplay.

WR/DB Interactions

With WR/DB mechanics, there will be more coverage situations for the passing game. The mechanics is based on press vs. beat, which the player uses the left and right stick to either press or beat left and right. Here’s a picture of different results:


I love this being add to the game because in Madden 17, I feel that speed was the only difference between wide receiver and cornerback. Now, that depending on how break out of a press or how you press becomes a factor, it would help the game.

Play Styles


In Madden NFL 18, there are three different styles to play. There are arcade, simulation, and competitive. Arcade style is fast-paced and more action packed compared to other play styles. Simulation is the closest you will get to real football. It stays true with players’ rating and health and the NFL rules. Competitive style is for tournaments and online players. It based on the player’s skills in the game.

NBA Live 18: The One Trailer

NBA Live is back!. And it looks better than before. EA Sports released a reveal trailer for NBA Live 18 during E3 and EA Play. The trailer focus on “The One” gameplay, where you create your player and play in the NBA and basketball courts across the nation against NBA players.┬áIn my opinion, This trailer gets me optimistic for NBA Live 18. The animations are looking smoother compared to NBA Live 16 and the player models look incredible.. Howver, I still have some questions about the game such as “Is the gameplay still stiff as it was in NBA Live 16?”. Hopefully, the gameplay will be when the demo comes out in late-August.

Madden NFL 18 Cover Reveal and Trailer

My name is Anthony Payton and today I’m here to talk about Madden NFL 18. Today,  EA Sports announced that the cover athlete will Tom Brady for ths Standard and G.O.A.T edition. Also, they released a teaser trailer for Madden 18. The trailer showed the new presentation with the Frostbite engine and the new story mode. So far, there is nothing to criticize about since it’s a teaser. However, the trailer showed some new animations such as new spin moves and catching animations that can help in the game. Also, there is a return of player introductions which is also good. In my opinion, EA Sports is doing a good job with these announcements and hopefully they will continue from the success of Madden 17.