Top 10 Worst NFL Uniforms

Hello, my name is Anthony Payton and today I’m here to discuss to my top ten worst uniforms in the NFL.  Here, we going to see some of the ugliest, oddly-choice uniforms I ever seen.

10. Miami Dolphins Dark Blue Jersey (2004)


This uniform was never worn on the field but was sold in stores and in ESPN NFL 2K5. Despite that, this jersey is bad because it doesn’t match the Dolphins color scheme.

9. New Orleans Saints Gold Jersey


Also, this is also called the Brown Mustard Jersey from fans and critics. This jersey with the black pants is really an eyesore to look at.

8. Seattle Seahawks Lime Green Jersey


Before the last year’s Color Rush uniform, Seattle released this jersey in 2009 and never came back. This uniform was ridiculed by fans and analysts across the country. However, I have a soft spot for this jersey and only like it during night games.

7. Minnesota Vikings Yellow Jersey (2003) (2011)



6. Jacksonville Jaguars Color Rush Jersey


When the Color Rush uniforms was revealed from all teams, the Jaguars was deemed as the ugliest of all of them. the loud gold jersey with the half-gold helmet makes it a monstrosity to look at.

5. Green Bay Packers Throwback Jersey


The rest of list is going to consist of throwback jerseys. Throwback jerseys are the worst because the designs is only fitting for that time when they were available. Green Bay’s uniform is one of them by having navy-blue jersey with tan colored pants.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers Throwback Jersey (2009-2016)


The “Bumblebee” jersey is an infamous jersey in NFL history. The black-and -yellow stripes  on the jersey is a big eye opener for everybody. Sadly, this uniform was discontinued in 2016.

3. Denver Broncos AFL Throwback Jersey (2009)


In 2009, we had the 50th anniversary of AFL, where we saw the retro uniforms from teams such as the Titans and the Patriots. Then was saw the Broncos’ retro jersey and this is the definition of ugly. The uniform looks like a rotten banana with stripes.

2. Philadelphia Eagles Throwback (2007)


All I want to know is who’s idea was to bring back this jersey. I remember when I was ten years old watching football. When I saw these uniforms, I was confused on who was this team. The Eagles color scheme is Green and grey but they decided to go back when the Eagle were bright yellow and baby blue. This is one of the ugliest uniforms I ever seen.

1. Chicago Bears NFL 75th Anniversary (1994)


Similar to the Broncos’ uniform, this jersey was brought back during 75th anniversary of NFL. Of all uniforms throughout the Bears’ long history, the organization chose these jerseys. Not only the stripes are louder than loud, but they have the number on the upper-right corner of the jersey. Also, you really can’ tell who they are.


Image used:, ESPN NFL 2K5

All uniform are owed by the National Football League (NFL)




My Top 7 Best Maddens of all time

7. Madden NFL 09


This was the first Madden I brought on the next -gen and it was worth it. First of all, they change the players’ models from everybody was buff and ripped to a more realistic bodies. The gameplay was smoother than the previous installment. Also, they added that helped the game such as user-controlled celebrations, EA Rewind, and Madden Moments. If you want more details, check my full article on it

6. Madden NFL 17


Madden 17 is one of best Maddens I ever played in recent years. After dealing with crap from EA Sports, we actually get good. There are couple of glitches and features that need to be add to next year’s installment. However, you should give this a try, it’s worth it. Here’s the link for my review of the game

5. Madden NFL 99


This was the first Madden I played as a kid and I love it. From being the first Madden features 3-D models, Madden NFL 99 revolutionized what we see in football today. A cameraman from NBC stated that the SkyCam in XFL and NFLwas inspired from Madden 99 replay camera. Also, this Madden is the first to include Franchise mode.

4. Madden NFL 07 (PS2)



This is one of the few video games I played that old generation is better than the new generation. When I compared the PS2 version to the PS3/Xbox 360 version, it had more and better features. For example, in the NFL Superstar mode for the PS2, there are more drills, roles, and customization you can do for your player. Also, gameplay and presentation is much better. It’s more smoother and faster compared to the PS3 version which feels more stiff and slow.

3. Madden NFL 2003


This is one of my favorite Maddens to this day. From the addition of Mini-Camp to the Soundtrack, Madden NFL 2003. They improved on the gameplay efficiency for both offense and defense. As I stated before, they added a new game mode called Mini-Camp where you play various mini games based on the player’s position. It’s very play. This Madden also introduce EA Sports Trax for the first time and it’s very good soundtrack with hip-hop and rock.

2. Madden NFL 2005


Despite ESPN NFL 2K5 overshadowed this game, Madden NFL 2005  is one of the greatest football video games of all time. Introducing the Hit Stick, Madden 2005 improved the defense by tenfold. From better intelligence to more controls such as defensive hot routes, this game is made for defense. The franchise mode gets an improvement with the Tony Bruno Radio Show. With the Collector’s Edition, you get more mode such Madden Moments where you play the greatest moments in NFL History. My game mode from the Collector’s Edition is Madden Classic where you play the old Maddens from Madden ’93 to Madden ’98.

1.Madden NFL 2004


Even though Madden 2005 is one of the best football games of the all time, Madden NFL 2004 is one of the greatest sports video games of all time. Being on every single top 10 lists on sports video games, Madden 2004 is revolutionary. This introduced the playmaker system into the game which allow players more adjustments before and during the play. Also, it introduced Owner’s Mode into the franchise mode. It allow players to play as a owner to adjust prices on tickets and concessions, promoting their and rebuilding and relocating their team. The main thing people remember from Madden NFL 2004 is Michael Vick. Michael Vick on Madden 2004 is considered one of the greatest video game characters of all time. He was unstoppable with his 95 speed. Nobody couldn’t stop him (except for law enforcement). This is why when playing Madden 2004,  you can’t pick the Falcons.

Top 10 Players that need to be add to Madden Ultimate Team

My name is Anthony Payton and here’s my list of players that need to add to Madden Ultimate Team. These players are legends who are not in the game yet, but would be a great experience to play with.

10. Mike Alstott (2002)

Last time Alstott was in Madden, it was Madden NFL 25. Mike Alstott was considered as one of the most powerful fullbacks of all time. Now with the new running controls in Madden, he would dangerous fullback.

From: Liam Mitchell

9. Daryl Johnson (1995)

Speaking of fullbacks, Daryl Johnson is one of best run blocking fullbacks and will be great for players to create holes to run through

8. Jimmy Smith/ Kevin McCardell (1999)

This receiver duo should be in the game. Both of these players are great for not only have great hands and speed, but for setting records for most receiving yards by any duo. These players would be dangerous together on any team.

7. Warren Sapp (2000)

Warren Sapp is a defensive force that scares offensive linemen. From being an unstoppable pass rusher to run stopper, Sapp is an ultimate weapon. However, he probably won’t be in the game due to recent legal troubles or ask for a lot of money for his rights.

6. Chad Johnson (2005)

Chad Johnson is one of most polarizing players in the NFL of his time. Despite of his antics, he has one of quickest feet and best hands of any wide receiver. I hope if EA adds him in the game, they can put some of his famous celebrations also.


5. Roger Staubach

Roger Staubach, or “Captain America” started the trend of mobile quarterbacks. Before Michael Vick or Cam Newton, Roger Starbach was dangerous as a scrambler. Also, he was nicknamed “Captain Comeback” due to his 29 game-winning drives (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

4. Cris Carter (1999)

Before there was Odell with one-handed catches, there was Cris Carter. Cris Carter had the best hands of any receiver of all time. He is most famous for his sideline catches.

3. Terrell Owens (2002, 2004, or 2007)

Similar to Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens was one of most polarizing. However, he is in the top 10 in every category in receiving. From his size and the ability to break tackles after catches. Also alike to Chad Johnson, I hope they can put his celebrations in the game.

2. Randy Moss (1998 or 2007)

I disappointed that Randy Moss was not in the game last year. Especially with the aggressive catch in the game, Randy Moss would dominate in the game. Randy dominated throughout his career with his speed, size, and vertical jump. He is the reason for the term “Moss’d”, which means jumping over your defender to catch the ball.

1. Brett Favre (1995)

From being inducted into the hall of fame, Brett Favre should be in the game.

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