Top 10 Worst NFL Uniforms

Hello, my name is Anthony Payton and today I’m here to discuss to my top ten worst uniforms in the NFL.  Here, we going to see some of the ugliest, oddly-choice uniforms I ever seen.

10. Miami Dolphins Dark Blue Jersey (2004)


This uniform was never worn on the field but was sold in stores and in ESPN NFL 2K5. Despite that, this jersey is bad because it doesn’t match the Dolphins color scheme.

9. New Orleans Saints Gold Jersey


Also, this is also called the Brown Mustard Jersey from fans and critics. This jersey with the black pants is really an eyesore to look at.

8. Seattle Seahawks Lime Green Jersey


Before the last year’s Color Rush uniform, Seattle released this jersey in 2009 and never came back. This uniform was ridiculed by fans and analysts across the country. However, I have a soft spot for this jersey and only like it during night games.

7. Minnesota Vikings Yellow Jersey (2003) (2011)



6. Jacksonville Jaguars Color Rush Jersey


When the Color Rush uniforms was revealed from all teams, the Jaguars was deemed as the ugliest of all of them. the loud gold jersey with the half-gold helmet makes it a monstrosity to look at.

5. Green Bay Packers Throwback Jersey


The rest of list is going to consist of throwback jerseys. Throwback jerseys are the worst because the designs is only fitting for that time when they were available. Green Bay’s uniform is one of them by having navy-blue jersey with tan colored pants.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers Throwback Jersey (2009-2016)


The “Bumblebee” jersey is an infamous jersey in NFL history. The black-and -yellow stripes  on the jersey is a big eye opener for everybody. Sadly, this uniform was discontinued in 2016.

3. Denver Broncos AFL Throwback Jersey (2009)


In 2009, we had the 50th anniversary of AFL, where we saw the retro uniforms from teams such as the Titans and the Patriots. Then was saw the Broncos’ retro jersey and this is the definition of ugly. The uniform looks like a rotten banana with stripes.

2. Philadelphia Eagles Throwback (2007)


All I want to know is who’s idea was to bring back this jersey. I remember when I was ten years old watching football. When I saw these uniforms, I was confused on who was this team. The Eagles color scheme is Green and grey but they decided to go back when the Eagle were bright yellow and baby blue. This is one of the ugliest uniforms I ever seen.

1. Chicago Bears NFL 75th Anniversary (1994)


Similar to the Broncos’ uniform, this jersey was brought back during 75th anniversary of NFL. Of all uniforms throughout the Bears’ long history, the organization chose these jerseys. Not only the stripes are louder than loud, but they have the number on the upper-right corner of the jersey. Also, you really can’ tell who they are.


Image used:, ESPN NFL 2K5

All uniform are owed by the National Football League (NFL)



Top Five Players in the NFL in each position

Hello, my name is Anthony Payton and here’s my Top Five players in the NFL in specific position. My list is based on stats and impact the players have on the team and the league.


5. Drew Brees, Saints

4. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers

3. Matt Ryan, Falcons

2. Tom Brady, Patriots

1. Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Honorable Mentions: Dak Prescott, Derek Carr, Cam Newton


T-5: Ezekiel Elliott (Cowboys) and Jordan Howard (Bears)

4. Devonta Freeman, Falcons

3. David Johnson, Cardinals

2. LeSean McCoy, Bills

1. Le’Veon Bell, Steelers

Honorable Mentions: Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, Thomas Rawls


5. Deandre Hopkins, Texans

4. Jordy Nelson, Packers

3. A.J. Green, Bengals

2. Antonio Brown, Steelers

1. Julio Jones, Falcons

Honorable Mentions: Dez Bryant, Odell Beckham, Jr., Amari Cooper


5. Jason Witten, Cowboys

4. Martellus Bennett, Packers

3. Jimmy Graham, Seahawks

2. Delanie Walker, Titans

1. Rob Gronkowski, Patriots

Honorable Mentions: Anthony Fasano, Tyler Eifert, Jordan Reed


5. Jadeveon Clowney, Texans

4. Cameron Wake, Dolphins

3. Oliver Vernon, Giants

2. Khalil Mack, Raiders

1. J.J. Watt, Texans

Honorable Mentions: Cliff Avril, Danielle Hunter, Joey Bosa


5. Fletcher Cox, Eagles

4. Damon Harrison, Giants

3.  Kawann Short, Panthers

2. Gerald McCoy, Buccaneers

1. Aaron Donald, Rams

Honorable Mentions: Calais Campbell, Ndamukong Suh, Geno Atkins


5. Chandler Jones, Cardinals

4. Bruce Irvin, Raiders

3. Vic Beasley, Jr., Falcons

2. Sean Lee, Cowboys

1. Von Miller, Broncos

Honorable Mentions: Anthony Barr, Brian Orakpo, Clay Matthews


5. Ryan Shazier, Steelers

4. Thomas Davis, Panthers

3. Jordan Hicks, Eagles

2. Luke Kuechly, Panthers

1. Bobby Wagner, Seahawks

Honorable Mentions: Alec Ogletree, Kwon Alexander, Paul Posluszny


5. Patrick Peterson, Cardinals

4. Marcus Peters, Chiefs

3. Brent Grimes, Buccaneers

2. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Giants

1. Malcolm Butler, Patriots

Honorable Mentions: Richard Sherman, Janoris Jenkins, Darius Slay, Xavier Rhodes


5. Reggie Nelson, Texans

4. Harrison Smith, Vikings

3. Eric Weddle, Ravens

2. Earl Thomas, Seahawks

1. Eric Berry, Chiefs

Honorable Mentions: Ha-Ha Clinton Dix, Byron Jones, Darrien Stewart


5. Rashad Jones, Dolphins

4. Quintin Demps, Bears

3. Malcolm Jenkins, Eagles

2. Kam Chancellor, Seahawks

1. Landon Collins, Giants

Honorable Mentions: Morgan Burnett, T. J Ward, Barry Church



Five Things That EA Sports need to do for NBA Live 18

Few weeks ago, EA Sports announced that NBA Live 17 was cancelled and starting to focus on NBA Live 18. In recent years, NBA Live series has been an ultimate failure. Costing their downfall and NBA 2K’s upraise to the top sports video game series next to Madden. If NBA Live wants to make  a comeback, they need to do these five things.

  1. Follow the Frostbite engine train


With FIFA 17 became a success with the Frostbite engine and Madden announced that they will use it, NBA Live developers should be smart and go with Frostbite. With the Frostbite engine, there are more advances and animations NBA Live can add to the game. In NBA Live 16, the dribble moves are not good because you can’t through the defender like the AI can through your team.

2. A Story Mode for MyPlayer (but deeper)


Video Credit: Chris Smoove/ YouTube

Due to having the Frostbite engine, NBA Live can add a story mode to the game. However, if they want more people to try the MyPlayer mode, they need to add more features. Some of the features from NBA Live 16 were good such as only earning attributes points based on how you play instead of buying them. The features they need to add are a draft combine and workouts, a practice mode, and more options. What I mean by more options is I can talk/complain to the owner or coach, different responses that actually have weight on my player’s personality.

3. Better AI


In NBA Live 16, the AI on defense was terrible. There were multiple videos on YouTube that shows the AI’s lack of or superior intelligence. It was difficult to finish a game without getting frustrated at the computer. They would know what will be your next move before you do it or your teammates can’t defend a bench player even if their defensive rating is high.

4. More classic teams and players


Since NBA 2K11, 2K Sports has added classic teams from the past such as ’95-96 Bulls and ’00-01 Lakers. Now it’s time for EA Sports to do the same thing. I don’t know if they can’t get Michael Jordan since he been signed with 2K for seven years. If they can’t him, then try to get everyone else’s rights. Just don’t try to underpay them like y’all did with Terrell Owens.

5. Have All-Star weekend


Every NBA fan has been missing the All-Star Weekend in both NBA Live and NBA 2K. In NBA 2k, they only way the players can play the Slam Dunk and Three-Point Competition is in MyCareer and it sucks. Not only bring back the Slam Dunk and Three-Point, add other events such as Skills Competition and Rookie Challenge. People would love to play All-Star Weekend and this would be a money maker if you do it right.

If you have any more suggestions on what NBA Live should do, leave a comment!!

All photos: Bing Images

NFL Playoffs Predictions

I’m back with predictions! 🙂

Wildcard Round:

#5 Oakland Raiders vs #4 Houston Texas: 30-20

#6 Detroit Lions vs #3 Seattle Seahawks: 14-27

#6 Miami Dolphins vs #3 Pittsburgh Steelers: 20-26 (OT)

#5 New York Giants vs #4 Green Bay Packers: 10-24

Divisional Round:

#3 Seattle Seahawks vs #2 Atlanta Falcons: 30-23

#5 Oakland Raiders vs #1 New England Patriots: 13-33

#3 Pittsburgh Steelers vs #2 Kansas City Chiefs: 20-14

#4 Green Bay Packers vs #1 Dallas Cowboys: 23-27

Championship Round:

#3 Seattle Seahawks vs #1 Dallas Cowboys: 23-20

#3 Pittsburgh Steelers vs #1 New England Patriots: 30-24

Super Bowl 51:

Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers: 20- 31