NBA Live 18 Demo Impressions: (Can it Compete with NBA 2K18?)

After a year hiatus, NBA Live returns with a demo of NBA Live 18. Now, the big question is: Can it beat NBA 2K18? Despite of not playing NBA 2k18, I would NBA Live cannot beat 2K. However, I can say this is good alternative from NBA 2K. NBA Live team did a good job with this year despite some flaws. But first, let’s talk about the positives.


“The One” is better than MyCareer

I will admit, “The One” storyline and gameplay is way better than NBA 2K’s MyCareer. With the storyline being about coming back from ACL injury by playing in street games and the draft combine, I enjoy it. Also, they have the crew from “First Take” discussing about your player which is pretty cool. The customization in the game is greater than 2K’s by having different hairstyles, better face scan, and more clothing options. Last thing I will praise about this mode is the upgrading system. I really love this system in NBA Live because it requires you to play and be good at the game to earn upgrades instead of spending money to get quick upgrades.

Dribble Moves

I know some people are going differ with this but I like the dribble moves in NBA Live 18. At first, I didn’t like at all because I was used to 2K’s dribbling control. Once I got the handle of it, I started to have with it.


Inside Shooting needs tuning

For the gameplay, inside game is a major problem in the game. For every great layup animation, there is an atrocious animation. It usually frustrating for the defense side. I seen multiple times where guards would make a contested layup with four guys surrounding him. Unless he’s Michael Jordan, that should not happen regularly. EA Sports needs to tune this before the release date.


The servers in the demo are pretty inconsistent. In one game, it works really good. On the next few games, it get pretty terrible where I get kicked out. There are plenty of players complaining about this. I found usually because EA always have good servers compared to 2k. This needs to be fix so EA can have an advantage on NBA 2k.

All in all, I think NBA Live 18 is pretty decent game and I would recommend it to pre order it to get it for $40. If I give a rating, it would be a 6 or 7 out of 10.

What you think about NBA Live 18 Demo?

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Madden NFL 18: Gameplay Impressions

Finally, we have got gameplay from Madden NFL 18 yesterday. Multiple youtubers who went to EA Studios captured footage of the game and released it. Here’s some footage from iMaveriq, CookieBoy, KayKayEs, and Sport Gamers Online:

Aftrr watching these videos, I can say that the presentation improved a lot. Some player models look good, thw grass is more detailed. However, I was disappointed that there wasn’t huge weather effects such as wear and tear during rain and snow games. Other than that, I can’t really judge the gane until I play it on the 17th but this left me excited to play it.

NBA Live 18 Gameplay Impressions

Hello, my name is Anthony Payton and NBA 2K should watch out for NBA Live 18. These gameplay videos is looking very good. The animations are smoother compared to NBA Live 16. The shot meter is fix now that you can get a perfect release to make shots. The Drew League and Street-ball modes look very fun. Also, the gameplay for “The One” is very interesting. In the NBA live website, it explained the game mode of having your created player to play in the NBA and the streets across the nation. Your created player have attributes similar to badges in NBA 2K17 which is very good. These gameplay content is getting me excited for NBA Live 18 and I’m definitely giving a review to the game.





NHL 17: First Impressions

My name is Anthony Payton and here’s my first impressions on NHL 17. For a warning, I’m not an NHL fan so I won’t have as much credibility as a person who knows the sport. The last NHL game I played was NHL 11 and I enjoyed it. After that, I stopped playing it. The last time I heard about NHL was the disappointing release of NHL 15. So my expectation was a little low. The first thing I noticed was the presentation with the real life versions of Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk. I didn’t expect this due to I was used to Madden and NBA 2K where they used in-game version of the announcers. The presentation was great as it felt like I was watching a televised game. Now for the gameplay, it felt smooth. At the beginning, it was difficult for me to get used to the controls since I haven’t played in years. So I used On-Ice Trainer which helped me with the new controls. As soon I got the hang of it, the game felt great. I felt that I have full control of my players. Scoring handled well as it took  skills and angles to make a goal. Defense also handle well as you have to be smart as either do a poke or a body check. Game modes are great such as the classic Shootout Mode and other modes such as Be a Pro and Draft Champions. All in all, I would recommend this game for any casual sports gamer. If you want an in-depth review of this game, check out Sports Gamers Online’s review