NBA 2K18: Review (Is it Trash?)

Took me a long time but here’s my review for NBA 2K18. NBA 2K18 is the 19th installment of NBA 2K series from 2K Sports. With the last game from 2K, I really hated NBA 2K17. I felt the game was unfinished, defense was unplayable, and had too much micro transactions. Despite the price being raise to $150 for the deluxe edition, I would still confident to get a great 2K since 2K12. However, I feel that this isn’t it. NBA 2K18 is better than NBA 2K17, but that’s nothing because NBA 2K17 was the worst 2k ever created by this team so improvement was guaranteed. Before I talked about the negative criticisms, I will talk about the positive points.


  • New Classic Teams


I wrote an article on this feature but here’s a quick summary. NBA 2K18 has 18 new historic teams. Majority are very enjoyable such as ’01 Kings and ’11 Knicks. Some of them were unnecessary such as ’15 Warriors and ’05 Grizzlies. Despite

  • Better Game plan settings

The game plan settings in NBA 2K18 are way better than NBA 2k17. Last year was confusing because the sets and concepts are not explained and didn’t make a difference. This year, they showed which concept is better for what player. In-game adjustments are faster to make and easy to execute.

  • The PlayGround is a cool concept

At first, I was skeptical about the new “PlayGround” mode to replace MyPark. I don’t how the servers were going hold up with multiple people in the same area. Honestly, “The PlayGround” is really fun. I like that you can grind for badges in the practice arena or workout to raise your overall. Also, they have some fun mini-games such as dunk-off and shootout challenge, but I wish that you can earn VC for these challenges.


  • Virtual Currency is everywhere again

Microtransactions are still here and they are stronger than ever. It is harder than grind for VC to upgrade your player. They remove daily VC earning for the mobile app and the multiplier for playing on higher difficulty. I’m really angry about that because that takes away for playing on “Hall of Fame” difficulty because the rewards are the same as ‘Pro” difficulty. Also, now you have pay for haircuts for your players. At first, the haircuts cost 1,000 VC. However, after the first patch, they changed it to 100 VC.

  • MyTeam sucks!!!

To be honest, I thought that MyTeam would be good because the addition of Draft mode. However, my thoughts changed because 2k ruined Draft mode. Instead of getting twelve rounds to pick a players from five choices in each round, we have to choose two random players in each other and hope you don’t get a gold player. But that’s not all. Now, they added cap mode in the mode, but it not a separate mode. Now, you are forced to play with restrictions in the game. Last but not least, they added ruby and diamond coaches. This is stupid because now emerald or higher class are no longer guaranteed players and that is annoying.

  • Ball Clipping is atrocious

Even though the animations has improved, the ball physics are horrible. Ball clipping is indecisive whether the ball wants to interact with the body. When you’re dribbling the ball, the computer can knock out the ball easily by bumping you. On the other hand, you can bump the opponent multiple times and they can’t lose the ball or momentum. There are multiple videos on YouTube that shows this. This can make you quit the game. This issue needs to fix for next year to have more replay value.

  • MyCareer storyline is cringe worthy

Speaking of replay value, MyCareer has little replay value because of the storyline. I remember I criticized NBA 2K16’s storyline so being bad. However, this year’s storyline makes it masterpiece compared to each other. In the beginning, it seemed the dialogue is bootleg version of “White Men Can’t Jump” mixed with “Above the Rim”. Then the most annoying thing in the whole story is your best friend “B-Fresh”. My goodness she is so irritating from her voice to her dialogue. Her dialogue consists of unfunny jokes and nonstop random talking. And the worst part is that there is no skip button for any of the cutscenes. So if you want to create another player to play for the PlayGround, you have sit through the annoying cutscenes over and over again. Here’s a video that help my opinion on the story:

Rating: 5/10


NBA Live 18: Quick Review

After a two year hiatus, NBA Live is back again. I talked about this game already in the demo impressions. In a short summary, NBA Live 18 demo showed a lot of promises but bugs and latency in the game was problems that needed to be fixed in to be fully playable. Good news, it was fixed. Before the full game was released, EA Sports was patching the game every week in order to fix the latency and bugs in the game. In results, this is a really fun game. Gameplay is improved in the inside game where small guard can’t consistency make contested layups on tall or multiple defenders. However, the players still feel “The One” game mode is still fun and the story is less cringe than NBA  2K18 ‘s story, which I will talk about in another review. I like the addition of WNBA but I wish that they are available to play online.

If you want to play another basketball game other than NBA 2K18, I recommend to pick up NBA Live 18.

Rating: 8/10

Madden NFL 18 (Review)

Football is back and we all know that means is that Madden is back. Madden NFL 18 is the first installment that have the Frostbite Engine inside the game. Also, this is included “Longshot”, the first story mode in Madden. With all that said, is Madden 18 good? Yes, it is and it’s better than Madden 17.


  • Presentation is life-like


Frostbite Engine has improved the graphics in a incredible fashion. From stadiums to field, everything is looking fantastic than ever. B

  • Running game is improved

Last year in Madden 17, elusive running backs were kind of useless because jukes and spins were hard

  • Open-field blocking awareness is better

Finally, open-field blocking is fixed. Now, on runs and screens, wide receivers has better intelligence when blocking instead of running past the defenders to allow the tackle.

  • Longshot story mode is fun

I really enjoy the Longshot story mode. At first, I didn’t know how to feel about because the story doesn’t carry into the NFL. However, this story is really good.

  • Addition of in-game adjustments


  • Different game styles

In this year, Madden introduce different game styles: Arcade, Simulation, Competitive. I discussed about this in my article. With my experience, I enjoy all of them. My favorite is competitive because I feel that it rewards you for your user skills.




  • MUT Draft

MUT Draft or “Draft Champions” is still fun. Now with five extra rounds, it’s more enjoyable than ever. However, my complaint is that there is no unranked mode anymore. This is probably not a problem for some people but I don’t like the idea to buy tickets to play MUT Draft. The game mode is still fun and I recommend to try it.

  • Lack of gameplay in “Longshot”

As I like said, I enjoy the “Longshot” story mode but my problem is the lack of gameplay in some scenes. For example, I wish we could have more gameplay in the combine such as participating in the 40 yard-dash and other drills. I do love some of the drills they have. I just wish there were more.

  • Target Passing

I feel that “Target Passing” is a waste of a feature. At first, I was really to try this out. After I tried it, I don’t like it at all. The controls are confusing for to use and it takes too long to execute it. By the time I figure it out where to throw the ball, I get sacked or the defender there to deflect the pass. I feel that they should bring back “QB Vision” instead of this feature. Maybe somebody find a way to use it but I can’t do it.


  • Minor glitches

Like every video game, Madden 18 have plenty of glitches that are either small or game-breaking. For me, I have my game crashed a couple times. I say that this need to be fix in the next patch.


All in all, Madden NFL 18 is better than Madden 17. EA Sports actually listen to the community and did a good job with this.

Rating: 8.5/10

2017 NFL Season Predictions

MVP: Tom Brady

Coach of the Year: Jack Del Rio

Defensive Player of the Year: Khalil Mack

Rookie of the Year: Myles Garnett

Offensive Player of the Year: Aaron Rodgers

Divisional Leaders:

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys (11-5)

NFC West: Arizona Cardinals (12-4)

NFC North: Green Bay Packers (12-4)

NFC South: Atlanta Falcons (13-3)

AFC East: New England Patriots (15-1)

AFC West: Oakland Raiders (11-5)

AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4)

AFC South:  Houston Texans (10-6)

Bold Predictions:

  1. Cam Newton will have a MVP-Caliber Year

2. Ezekiel Elliott will have a 2,000 yard season

3. Cleveland Browns will make to the playoffs